Online murder will be a thing by end of 2014

cyber crime In Cheer Up! It May Never Happen news, security experts reckon that the first online murder could be committed by the end of 2014.

Criminals who know their way around a computer, could use the internet's power for bad and do stuff like taking control of medical aids like pacemakers and insulin, causing havoc.

Officers at the European policing agency Europol said it expected a rise in injury and possible deaths caused by hacking attacks on critical safety equipment.

And not at all sounding slightly hysterical, they have warned that governments were ill-prepared to combat the looming threat of so-called ‘online murder’.

In other 'putting ideas into people's heads' examples, they believe crooks could use the web to carry out new forms of extortion and blackmail, such as locking people out of their homes or cars before payment of a ransom. Although it's not all future fear, as security breaches already identified include the hacking of webcams. A couple in Texas reported that a hacker was able to shout abuse at a two-year-old after exploiting a flaw in their baby monitor.

The US health authorities ordered hospitals to improve security after identifying problems with 300 medical devices and amid reports that malware (malicious software) had slowed down monitors used for high-risk pregnancies.

So yeah. Connect every aspect of yourself up to the internet. It may end in MURDER (works best if said like the start of Hart to Hart).

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