One year later - Bitterwallet in review

As pointed out by Andy yesterday it's now been one year since Bitterwallet sprang out from the womb of HUKD swaddled in consumer wrath and clutching a Tesco yellow label. It's been an interesting and occasionally exciting year as we found our voice as a site and started to gather faithful (some lovingly faithful and some hate-ingly faithful) Bitterwalleters both in comments and email tips.

Statistically here's what happened in the past year:
- 2.4m visits
- 4m pageviews
- 2,785 posts

The top read posts with 300k reads between them were:

- Probably supposed to be ready for a shot
- Orange increase charges - can you cancel your Orange contract
- Cancelling your Orange contract - A troubleshooting guide
- Brutal honest on the NY subway
- Who's hungry for a whole chicken in a can
- Breaking news - Further emergency meetings at PC World
- Breaking news - DSGi emergency meetings store restructuring
- The 20p coin
- Cancel your Orange contract - official statement from Ofcom
- Bitterwallet readers force Orange to scrap new call charges

There's lots of areas we want to improve in yet. We'd like to get more voices on here with experience in different consumer areas, such as personal/data privacy, consumer law and retailer inside knowledge. We'd like to develop more guides that are solid consumer resources for recurring subjects. We'd also like to dig up more insider dirt and tips from "those in the know". If you're interested and passionate in any of these areas and can channel the Bitterwallet spirit please feel free to get in touch.

In the last half of our first year we think we've raised our game by taking on some more complex consumer issues (like the Orange and T-mobile contract changes) and we'd really like to get our teeth into more of those issues. We have some good legal resources to draw upon now that have been helping us with these issues so we're getting into a better position to tackle these.

That aside, where do you think we're getting better, where do we need to improve and importantly, what do you want to see here on Bitterwallet?

Thanks to all those who have helped us with tips, advice, comments and corrections over the past year. Without your feedback we're shooting blind and without collective knowledge! We're looking forward to where this next year will take Bitterwallet...


  • andy y.
    Less fucking swearing would be nice.
  • NobbyB
    Wow. A story that is not cut and paste from elsewhere!
  • Justin D.
    Obviously more trolley pictures = INTERNET SUCCESS! Or maybe not.
  • Mark (.
    How many times did people swear in the comments? How many people got put on pre-mod? I'm moderated at work, but not at home. Odd no? I must have sworn more at work, as Bittetwallet's rubbishness probably grated more during a long slog through a days work?
  • stuart
    Well, I'm a regular because of the Orange contract thing, got directed here and used your info to get cancelled. Don't change a thing, the mix of humour and serious advice is excellent.
  • Adam2050
    Better stories?
  • Paddy
    I want more Apple news goddamit! Fuck Terminator and Skynet-app store will be taking over the world soon...
  • iPhone
    @ Paddy I totally agree. More iPhone related news please.

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