One hour delivery from Amazon

amazoninstant Are you an Amazon Prime customer and you want your items in a hurry? You just can't wait to get your hands on that video game or that multipack of undercrackers you bought?

Well, Amazon have a new thing where they're promising to give you one-hour delivery from 8am 'til midnight.

It is exclusively for Amazon Prime Members and can be utilised via their app. However, it isn't available to everyone, so don't start getting too excited yet.

Amazon say: "We now offer one-hour delivery or same-day, two-hour delivery windows on thousands of items in select areas of London!"

They also say: "Shop for thousands of daily essentials, household products, gift items, and more through the Amazon Prime Now app. Select one-hour delivery for £6.99 or choose from FREE same-day, two-hour delivery windows. Prime Now is available from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week in select areas of London. Exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Download the app to get started."

Or, you can just go down the shops with your legs if you prefer. We don't care. We're not your real dad. If you do decide to utilise this though, you can get £20 off a £50 spend with a code, which you can find here.

They've even made a video, complete with the now customary twee-music which blights all promotional guff. You can watch that instead of reading any more words.

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  • Squeezeoneout
    Does this mean they will deliver within one hour from when you press the Buy button, or they will deliver during a one hour slot which might be much later that day? Well? Hmm? Does it?

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