Once you pop, you can't stop - same thing true for Pringles ad

This online banner advert by Pringles won a big fat award at Cannes, and quite right too. It's brilliant. Seriously, you've probably never invested so much time in online advertising. We'd go as far to say it's the most exceptional banner ad we've seen. Except for maybe this one, but that was exceptional for an entirely different reason. Click on the image to go through to the ad, and make sure you've a few minutes spare. (thanks to BW reader Emma)

Bitterwallet - Pringles can hands


  • Tom P.
    At least she's not French, and shaves under her arms (& prolly DOWN there).....the link gets a bit boring after a few clicks.
  • Angry S.
    Very good; deserves the award. What was it advertising again?
  • Maude
  • Brian
    I like French babes with LOTS of HAIR...my favorite site, when my mother is not watching me, is "ATK" HAIRY CHICKS!!!!
  • bodger b.
    I'm eating pringles now. 97p at wilkinsons. mmm.
  • Chris
    Way awesome. Shared it with the rest of the marketing dept. I love that it's not a click-through ad. As a brand-reinforcing ad, it wouldn't work for most businesses (and barely works for Pringles).
  • ffxiv g.
    I usually don
  • leviyeu
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