On this day in history - Apple does a deal with the devil

Christ Almighty, it's like an Apple fanboi's worst nightmare being rudely interrupted by his mother having sex with several strangers in the next room. August 5th 1997 was the day that Steve Jobs did the deal with the devil. Having re-joined the company he founded, his first task was to figure out a way out the mire for Apple, because it was generally considered on its arse.

So less than four weeks after becoming CEO of the company, he announced during a keynote speech in Boston that Microsoft was investing in the company:

To get a good feel for what the crowd thinks, play from 2' 20" when Jobs announces that Internet Explorer will be the default browser on Macs. Jobs turns it around by the end, but there are a couple of moments when the villagers threaten to take up burning torches and run him through with pitchforks.


  • Geoff J.
    I never realised how much Bill Gates sounds like a dumbarse. Still I'd rather sound like a dumbarse and have his sort of money :)
  • ed
    hahahaha, I still remember that. When Gates appeared on the screen, it was like Emperor Palpatine had invaded a meeting of the Rebel Alliance.
  • fu m.
    hahah suck it up fanbois!

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