Commercial Break: Old school harem scarem Swine Flu jab ads don't worry us

Swine Flu? Big deal, we had all that shizzle back in the summer of 1976. Punk rock and the searing heat saw it off then and we can kick its arse again.

If you don’t believe us, here’s some public service information films from 33 years ago, urging us all to get our Swine Flu jabs. You know what happened? We didn’t bother – we just ate loads of ice cream, had a hosepipe ban and frugged to the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club.

Germs – what do they REALLY know about anything? Tossers.


  • Mike H.
    Just imagine all the free hogroasts! Mmmmm bacon, mmmmm sausages, mmmm crackling...
  • Swine W.
    [...] journey, you may also find this Swine Flu public service information film useful. Or maybe not. (Via BitterWallet). SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Swine Flu Ruined Your Holiday? Know Your Rights", url: [...]
  • Gus
    I am relieved that the chiuaua survived!
  • r&b s.
    old people need to die. might as well be from pig sneezes
  • Jack
    HAhahah, the old woman gave it to her friend, and then she dided as she had a haeart condition. Then also gave it to the mailman, this woman is a slut.
  • Andreas B.
    [...] Commercial Break: Old school harem scarem Swine Flu jab ads don’t worry us | BitterWallet. [...]

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