Okay, we need to stop and think about this...

Spotted on the London Underground...




  • Dick
    Here's another old one ... http://failblog.org/2008/11/10/bus-fail/ Of course, the "In emergency" and "Use hammer to break glass" signs refer to the glass in the windows / doors, not the glass covering the hammer. The glass covering the hammer is really thin, easily broken with a book, keys, or just a fist.
  • .
    Use hammer to kill man in reflection
  • Ivor
    Is that bloke having a pee?
  • IgnoreMe
    No, the bloke is about to throw himself under the train due to his BW competition entry being ignored.
  • Alexis
    It's like 1988 King's Cross.
  • andy y.
    you know i think it isn't
  • Bloke
    Whatever it is, you can bet your arse Bob Crow will use it to call his merry men out on strike.
  • Nick T.
    How did they fit that little man in the glass box too?
  • Dick
    @Nick T - How did they fit that little man in the glass box too? He is little, so he fits.
  • CantTouchThis
    I get it now. The little bloke behind the glass is MC Hammer who can be used to break the glass in an emergency. Hammer Time.
  • CantTouchThis
    ...and if you say he's the wrong colour you're a racialist.
  • Tim B.
    I like how the words "In Emergency" have been added on afterwards. Clearly they had a problem with people breaking the glass just because the sign told them to.
  • katsumitsu
    Looks like that's on a bus, not on the underground
  • Stanley B.
  • Stanley B.
    Hammer Time.
  • Stanley B.
    Can't touch this.

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