Oh! Oh goodness gracious no!


[Soup von Marleila]


  • andyofyarm
    Oh cum on
  • Steve B.
    I'd like some of the "personal ricant" with free rice cited bottom left with my man-fat-soacked cock sock please. Sounds like it might be just the thing.
  • Steve B.
    ..and to make matter worse, you can add the used item to your wedding registry. GENIUS! I could have had a leaky jizz mitt instead of 5 toasters if only I'd had the foresight. (cue foreskin gags).
  • Steve
    At least you'd know it works.......
  • So H.
    You really need to get some paid work
  • Andy
    "Usually ships within 1-2 weeks" better hope the pregnancy test arrives by then too!
  • Jack
    I bet Martin Lewis orders his used
  • Dave
    Still works out cheaper to take it to the laundrette.
  • The C.
    [...] might like Beijing’s huge secret underground city – everyone might enjoy a rather unfortunate Amazon incident, the disappointing news that Sir Clive Sinclair can’t be bothered with computers, or this [...]
  • The L.
    A big hit in Russia though, I'l bet!

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