Oh! It's the handheld SNES! Oh!

615x330_snes2 Retro gaming is becoming as big as the modern, up-to-date stuff these days. It isn’t really, but it sounds good as an opening line. But it’s true that there’s definitely a market for old ZX Spectrum games, ancient Atari games, a revamped Sega Megadrive and a phone that plays original Playstation games.

Could they all be trumped this summer by this, the handheld Super Nintendo? We’re not sure – after all, we’re not a bunch of fortune tellers. But there’s sure to be a niche audience for a gizmo that can accommodate original SNES cartridges, can be played on the move or plugged into a TV and enjoyed in a proper old-school stylee. The US launch is coming soon and there’s certain to be a UK version shortly afterwards. We erm, hope.

Let the global hunt for second-hand cartridges commence!



  • Nick T.
    I have an original Colecovision, still boxed with a load of game carts in my loft. I'm convinced one day it'll be worth more than my pension (not difficult). Isn't that sad, eh?
  • brian
    that looks awesome. Retro Chic gaming!
  • Joff
    Nick T, yes.
  • Phil
    I have a dozen old snes cartridges - Wonder if they still work?
  • Top T.
    They Will work if you blow in them
  • sMac
    Will this work with the Scope 6 light gun?
  • dvdj
    Your site doesn't work properly with Firefox4 by the way. Sorry, just something that's be been bugging me. Glad to get it off my chest. /random
  • Paul
    I still have a working Mattel Intellivision.
  • @SMAC
    Light guns won't work on Plasma and LCD TVs, only old CRTs :-(
  • Vincent J.
    My generation and before will appreciate these no-end! I have pondered those little linux retro games hand-helds for years, you know, the ones that emulate stuff the proper way when you can use your old tapes and stuff.. yes children we had tapes to load games back when you were non-existent!. Thats when we got our exercise.... But blowing in them, that made me chuckle, so did will the guns work. You guys! tee-hee!

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