Official: Britain is broken

They're putting security tags on the Quorn sausages in Tesco. It's all over, people. All very much over....




  • Chewbacca
    Official: BW having a slow news day Anyway, this sort of thing happens all the time. Junkie scumbags used to nick alcohol, so the supermarkets went all high security on the vodka next. Next thing was coffee (high value items) and the same thing happened. Next up were toiletries, then meat. It's like a junkie vs supermarkets arms race.
  • heywood_jablome
    I was always told never to trust people who don't eat meat or drink alcohol. Think this proves it :( So basically all vegetarians are lying, gypsy, thieving, begging bastards - FACT !!
  • Hitlers C.
    Is that one of those "This will be disabled at the till" stickers, that actually do nothing, but deter the brain dead, who are the thieves anyway, so probably works. Slow news day indeed.
  • Jamie
    Screw the security tags....£2.08 for fake sausages? Lordy!
  • Raggedy
    @heywood_jablome - so these Quorn sausages have some kind of ingredient that prevents you from drinking alcohol?!? I was told never to trust anyone who had a double barrelled username. You should get a job with the tabloids.
  • Mike H.
    I imagine people don't want anyone to know they actually buy this shit so try to nick it?
  • Frank P.
    I blame Linda McCartney for this.
  • Mary H.
    *Contains 99% stuff swept off the floor at the factory after making 'real' sausages & 1% Linda McCartney, dried.

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