Ofcom say that BT need to give rivals access to fibre

Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT are very precious about their fibre - no, they're not horsing down the All-Bran, but rather, the network that powers the internet so people can look at videos of children falling over and whatnot.

Ofcom don't like how protective BT are, saying that the communications giant needs to open it up to their rivals, in a bid to improve competition for large businesses, schools and universities, and mobile and broadband companies.

"To ensure that businesses have effective choice, and to encourage competition and innovation, Ofcom is proposing a new requirement on BT - the largest supplier in the market, upon whose network many competitors' services rely - to supply 'dark fibre' in areas outside central London," Ofcom said on Friday.

If you're wondering what dark fibre is, again, it isn't anything to do with what happens when you have a poo after 9 bowls of Bran Flakes - this refers to the connections that are not live until an operator connects some equipment to them.

Last year, businesses like TalkTalk and Sky, as well as Vodafone and EE, wanted business lines opened up to them. Ofcom wants this process to be easier and new proposals should enable competitors to put their own equipment at the end of dedicated fibre lines.

A BT spokesperson said: "Mandating dark fibre risks favouring a few companies that have the greatest capability to deploy it, to the disadvantage of all other firms. It will undermine investment - as a number of service providers have warned - and it would also increase costs, divert resources and add more complexity just when we're beginning to make progress on improving service."

TalkTalk aren't having that, saying BT had been able to get away with whacking prices up while delivering lousy service.


  • Hull's F.
    Ofcom can bite my hairy ballsack! When's it going to sort out the frigging internet MONOPOLY in Hull??? I don't even care if it's fibre, I just want a half-decent wired connection that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Sort it out Ofcom!
  • Blue_Moon_23
    "TalkTalk aren’t having that, saying BT had been able to get away with whacking prices up while delivering lousy service." That's a bit rich from Talk Talk, given that I binned them for whacking prices up while delivering lousy service!
  • Han S.
    Why don't these people build their own fibre network instead of bitching about BT? Obviously cos they'd have to spend loads of money doing it like BT had to, much better to let them do it and then moan about it being unfair.

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