Obama Deals Of The Day - Year Zero + 2

Mark April 1st 2009 in your diaries people. Sure, it’s the day when pranksters reign supreme (and did you know that 18,000 pranksters are murdered worldwide on that single day each year?*)

But this April 1st will be all about something else. The launch of the Chia Obama, a handmade decorative planter shaped in the shaped of the new saviour of Planet Earth.

Okay, so the green hair that will sprout out of the President's isn’t completely authentic and there’s a vague tinge of racism surrounding the whole thing, but apart from that, what’s not to love about it?

If you can’t wait until April to satiate your cravings for Obamaphenalia (it’s a word – we checked), you could get yourself this Japanese Obama doll that comes with a range of erm, accessories. For the full thrill, you'll need to visit the photo gallery at the manufacturer’s website –honestly, we can’t urge that strongly enough.

Any suggestions for other Obama-related products gratefully received. We know you’re an imaginative bunch so get to it.

(*April Fool! They’re always harder to spot when you do them on a day that isn’t April 1st aren't they?)


  • Christopher
    wtf is that green thing, an obalumpa?
  • Craig
    Fantastic, some of those photos on the site are awesome. Do the Japanese think that everybody wields a samurai sword? And Obama Vs. Darth Vader? Who would your money be on?
  • Ben
    U say the planter is a bit racist... i thought its a bit racist to mix up the Japan and Hong Kong?
  • Andy D.
    Nah Ben, that's just me being a complete tool.
  • British R.
  • Juan K.
    Sorry, but the Obama plant thing looks like the clay model of Lionel Richie that that blind bint made in the video to 'Hello (Is it me you're lookin' for?)'

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