OAP Anne is the new top Watchdog for the BBC

Ever since Bitterwallet rocketed on to the world wide web late last year with its unique blend of lazily ripped-off news, crappy clips nicked wholesale from YouTube and childish 'humour', we’ve given the consumer scene the boot up the Harris it has been asking for for years.

Now the infectious fever for all things consumer that we sneezed into the netmosphere has spread to the telly. BBC bosses have realised that their long-running Watchdog series has chronic ringworm and have taken some dramatic steps to get it back on all four of its wrong-righting feet.

According to reports, OUT go sneering drivel-monkey Nicky Campbell and slightly whiffy air miles fan Julia Bradbury. Meanwhile, IN comes old-school Watchdog hostess and waxy, sexagenarian frightwitch Anne Robinson. The show will aim to return to its old hard-hitting style and will double from 30 mins to an hour in length. Smashing – another source for us to gaily pilfer from.

Thanks to the unique way in which Bitterwallet can trace the identities of its readers, we know that La Robinson is a regular browser here. So Anne, if you need some onscreen back-up from a bunch of awkward-looking misfits with a veritable chip shop on their collective shoulder, you only have to ask…

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  • Mike H.
    Shit, so you know I'm Osama Bin Laden then? Don't tell the filthy infadels, will you? You won't? Oh that's teribly honourable of you, thanks.

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