O2 will pay you a fiver for every England goal

Bitterwallet - O2 Goals promotionCash-for-goals promotions aren't guaranteed to make you rich if you follow England; you can be reasonably sure retailers in Brazil won't be putting out the same offers. We recently turned Statto to delve into Currys' Cash for Goals promotion on televisions costing over £599 - and decided it probably wasn't worth it.

O2 have just launched a similar offer - order and register one of their free promotional Pay & Go SIM cards, and they'll pay a fiver for every goal England score during the World Cup. The better news is that O2 are paying cash - the only criteria is that you top up £15 once you receive the promotional SIM card. If you're not a fan of Eng-ger-land, O2 are also offering to pay a fiver for every goal the national team concedes.

Is it worth it? As we discussed previously, if England follow previous performances and leave the tournament in the Quarter-Finals, they're likely to score around six goals; at most, they'll stick away eleven, which seems stupidly optimistic following the friendlies. Six goals would mean £30 cashback - a return of 100 per cent even if you never use the SIM card again - and England only need to score three for you to break even. On a good day, you'd hope they score them against the USA in England's first match. As for as betting against England, it's likely the team will progress past the first round, but you can't discount a sound thumping in the later matches.

It's gambling by a different name, but the odds seem well in your favour, assuming your SIM arrives in time for you to register it. The O2 FAQs are here - SIMs are limited to one per person, but four per household.


  • Pedant
    WTF IS DIS REAL Surely a no brainer here, worst case is you spend £15 and get £15 to spend on calls right (assuming no goals)?
  • Meeee!
    How much we have to pay for own goals? ;-)
  • Your M.
    with your lives..
  • Andrew R.
    Haha I'm laughing at your mum. Your dad's gonna kill me!
  • Paul S.
    Pedant; yep, that's the worst case scenario - £15 you have to spend on calls. Good, isn't it?
  • Now B.
    [...] Buy yours today and show B&Q the national squad that you’re backing them all the way to the Quarter-Finals! Or alternatively, get in on the O2 SIM card action and potentially make a few quid out of them. [...]
  • Nobby
    Got a text saying it will take up to 14 days to arrive ...
  • Pedant
    No text yet :(
  • Currys B.
    [...] we told you how O2 offered customers an England-branded PAYG SIM before the World Cup began, that paid a fiver for every goal scored by England or, if you were a realist about such matters, every goal scored against them. The only condition [...]

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