O2 take customer service to the extreme...

We LIKE good customer service here at Bitterwallet and we do not shy away from praising companies who go that extra mile for their customers. Sometimes, however, things can go a little far.

Avid Bitterwallet fan DP alerted us to the tale of Twitter user Tunde24_7 who contacted O2 via Twitter because his internet wasn't working. An English language student, Tunde decided to try talking to O2 in slang to see what they did and how they would respond. And respond they did.

At first O2 did well, using the terms "ting", "dat" and "fam" more or less in context, despite not being part of an episode of Rastamouse*.  The O2 guy (Sanjay) declined to provide the eager Tunde with any pictures, presumably not being a hot chick, but did progess to using "cuz" and "yard".


But then things went too far. Sanjay (and O2) called Tunde a "famalam", and as you all already know, that is just so 2008. Sanjay was sussed for (probably) using urbandictionary.com to try and maintain his coolness.


Unfortunately, O2 have removed the conversation from their twitter stream, but it is still around on Tunde24_7 's stream if you would like to giggle some more. And it looks like Sanjay may be the guy in charge of evening tweeting on the O2 account- this was tweeted just last night.


Maybe we should all tweet O2 later and see if we can get Sanjay to notice us, bruv. Either way, we are impressed with O2's commitment to communicating with their customers. We'd give you a gold star if we had one.

* a very strange children's TV programme full of, well, Rasta Mouses. Who all talk like dat.


  • Seymour
  • JaffaCakez
    For this alone, I will make sure i never use o2 in my life. well done o2.
  • Chester
    That rastamouse should be banned as it there is no English in the show just some gobbledygook language.
  • Chewbacca
    foreign "language" spoken by foreigners... end of.
  • Nikey H.
    I am disappointed Bitterwallet that you have now decided to moderate comments before posting them. One of the things I liked about Bitterwallet was the ability to swear or be racist without any moderation. Now, that you guys have decided to moderate comments, I will no longer be visiting your site. People like me, Mike Hock, Mikes Mom, Chewbacca, etc. will no longer be coming here. Who's gonna read your articles and comment? You lot might as well close down your site!
  • Nikey H.
  • Nikey H.
    Never mind, must have been an evening glitch!
  • Justin
    Oh man, that is propa beasty. Big up ma o2 fam init geez. Straight whack 3G network they be rollin wit tho, man wanna be gettin down wit da EE - Straight up, EE is where da fuck its at bro! Standard! Primo.
  • LL J.
    I say, what an appalling blood cloth that Tunde fellow appears to be. A true gentleman of waste.
  • Steve
    Shoot both of them?
  • chewbacca
    Thanks nikey hock (interestingly autocorrect changes you to money money, hiding something?!). Good to know I'm seen as a regular on here, and appreciated despite what some of those tossers who say nasty things about me say :-) Although, all said and done, the only people who seem to have issue with me are foreigners, dole scum and people who worship paedophile prophets. Says a lot, really...
  • Mark W.
    Bye bye to Nikey Hock, Mike Hock, Mikes Mom, Chewbacca, etc. :)
  • Chewbacca
    ^ Yeah, right. twat.
  • DragonChris
    What the hell is 'Tunde' actually saying? Why do 'people' make up such utter bullshit and call it slang? That's not slang, it's pure shit.

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