O2 surprise with lame, and some not so lame rewards

When deciding which mobile phone to buy, some of us demand gadgets, gizmos, flashlights, toothpicks and an implement for gutting fish. Others want something that will make telephone calls. Ultimately, we just want the bloody thing to work as stated. Bribes incentives are always good, but we'd much prefer-

Oh. You want the bribes. Fair enough. For those of you who are O2 Pay & Go customers, you can now take advantage of O2 Surprises - a scheme to reward all 11.5 million of you lucky people.

The "surprises" range from free texts, picture messages and voice minutes - waiter, open the Veuve Clicquot, quickly! - to prizes such as shopping vouchers, laptops, Ferrari race days and iPhones, which are admittedly more of a draw to signing up.

Could winning a shiny iPhone really be as simple as that? Of course not. Customers are sent a code every time they top-up, and which can be used on the O2 website to see what surprise they've won. If you only top up £10, you're only eligible for "Silver" gifts while £15 could bag you the "gold" booty.

There are some very decent prizes to be had, but all together there are just 1,800 sizable rewards available over the first six week period, split between 11.5 million customers, and 1,000 of them are cinema tickets - otherwise it's free texts and minutes. That makes the odds of winning a worthwhile prize are... [scribbles on paper... can't remember how to work out probabilities... draws a nice tree instead...] not very high.

The promotion will run until March next year, so if you're open to freebies big or small, it's probably worth a look.



  • chrisg
    Good to see that they're looking after their contract customers. :o|
  • lala
    Shut the hell up chris you numpty
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