O2 Responds to iPhone Raid By 'Heightening' Security Measures

http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8791/stoleniphones10513303qz6.jpg"If you can't afford it, raid it." That seems to be the motto of the week over at O2's flagship store on Oxford Street, after having had their entire display of demo iPhones stolen, right off the table.

On this particular occasion, we're not just talking about petty theft.  The entire 3G iPhone demonstration table was left with empty docks after their entire collection of live 3G iPhone handsets (8?) were hijacked.

Stephen Shurrock, O2’s consumer sales director, said: “People will come in and steal, but not usually to that effect.”

No s***, Shurrock.

In a public statement, O2 is making sure that this doesn't happen again by tightening security measures:

“We are putting new security measures in our new stores, which should prevent the problem. We want to have live 3G iPhones available in every store.”

Sure.  Advanced high tech gadgets will help avoid future raids, because clearly the technology now is still not advanced enough. How about if staff actually kept an eye out for thieves disconnecting the alarm tags right in front of their eyes, instead of browsing the web pretending to provide 'customer service'?

It would be interesting to see what new security measures will be put in place.  Security guards with batons and tasers? iPhones chained to O2 reps?  GPS hacked iPhones bugged with tracking to hunt down thieves?


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