O2 letting some customers save money on their contract. Check your account NOW.

Being able to cut the cost of your mobile tariff during the term of your contract is unheard of unless you allow them to tie you in until 2018 . O2 have not (which we have seen) announced that many customers are being given the opportunity to lower their price plan without having to compromise on their required usages.

We all probably get pretty close to our data limit but who actually uses the maximum of their text and calls allowance? It is quite gruelling to pay for something that you never use but having an attractive data allowance makes the calls and text allowance sometimes irrelevant. Especially considering we apparently Whatsapp more than we text these days.

So, what is the deal? Well, HUKD member gulz will explain:

O2 had been charging me £27.67 a month (£21.67 for a 300 min/unlimited texts + £6 for a 500MB data bolt-on) on the O2 300 24 month Bonus tarrif. I just logged into my online account to see what options I had to change this tarrif. And I'm so glad that I did. O2 has recently updated the contracts it provides and the price it charges. Now listed in this allowable list was a tarrif offering me 300min, unlimited texts and 500MB data, the exact same stuff I had before, for £25 a month. That's a saving of £2.67 a month while keeping the same minutes/texts/data. I say why not check your account to see if you can make some savings!!! Needless to say, my contract end date remains the same.

There you have it. O2 are giving you exactly what you had before but for less. It almost seems too good to be true, right? Go ahead and check your account and let us know if you were able to make a saving.


  • Haggis
    A whole £2.76/month?! 9.2p per day?! Unbelievable!
  • Ben T.
    That was just one example, Haggis. Here is another: "I did a similar thing recently, was on a £32 a month, 600 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb of data, all I did was drop to 750mb of data and now im on £23 a month" So to remove 250mb (of unused data otherwise there would be no need to knock this off) the price came down £9 per month. I would rather save 1p than give it to O2.
  • gulz
    Haggis.... £2.67pm... better in your pocket than in O2's
  • Paul D.
    I got a £32pm deal down to £25pm for taking my minutes down from 600 to 300, kept unlimited texts & 500m data.... same contract end date and everything else is unchanged... Dont forget, you get O2 free wifi in places and the O2 priority moments are quite handy too!
  • chewbaccccaaaaaa
    Lol @ Bent Elford

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