O2 crowned UK's top dongle dogs by Ofcom

26 May 2011

o2logo_mediacentre Dongle. Possibly the funniest word in the English language, but not for Ofcom, who have been running some tests to see how much mobile internet juice a dongle can suck up, and which flavour is best. Or something.

Towards the end of last year, they ran some tests (4.2 million to be precise), pitting O2, Vodafone, 3, Orange and T-Mobile against each other... and O2 were the winners!

The average download speed across all of the mobile internet providers was 1.5Mbit/s, with an average of 2.1 Mbit/s in areas of good connectivity. Tests showed that O2 were hitting average speeds of 2.5 to 3Mbit/s and Ofcom will be sending them a big gold badge very soon. Or something.

Who was the worst? Why it was stupid old Orange of course. Their average speed was a crappy 1Mbit/s, as slow as a dead crow.

Ofcom consumer research shows that 17% of UK households are using mobile broadband, up from just 3% in 2009 with 7% using it as their only means of internet access. You can argue about these findings in the box below.



  • Nick
    Have you got a link to the full rankings from the tests?
  • Pull o.
    This is a joke right? O2, as far as data goes - be it via a dongle or mobile is by far the worst. Anywhere in the three counties I cover most days it does not exist, in the very unlikely but once in a blue moon connection 22.5 would read Kb not Mb.
  • Andy D.
    Link (PDF) http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/research/telecoms-research/bbspeeds2010/Mobile_BB_performance.pdf
  • friendly t.
    the findings are good but o2 has been criticised for coverage, or lack thereof, in certain areas and some people have found better speeds with other providers like voda. more testing, finished portal 2 so more tests needed, please post more tests... do it now!
  • Meena S.
    Dongle is the funniest word in the english language? I thought it was flange.
  • Michael
    But do they offer truely unlimited internet packages? My T mobile dongle gives me 2gb a month and if I go over there is no extra charge, just you cant stream videos between 4pm and 12pm (which tbh, you can't do very well normally anyway!). This month I'm currently on about 5gb so far :)

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