O2 and Vodafone joining forces in something that may or may not be significant

old_mobile_phones_001 Eyebrows (both literal AND metaphorical) were raised when Orange and T-Mobile joined forces to launch Everything Everywhere (or whatever it’s called) whenever it was.

Now those same eyebrows need to be limbering up for another outing as Vodafone and O2 are doing something similar, but different. They’ve said they’ll be setting up a joint venture that will take over the running of both company’s basic network infrastructure – towers, masts, that sort of stuff.

But they’re saying that their output will remain separate and that customers won’t be able to roam from one network to the other, as is the case with EE. It looks more likely that the deal has been done so that Vodafone and O2 will be able to meet the 4G coverage requirements of 98% by 2017. But don’t rule out this light flirtation turning into something hotter and heavier in the future…


  • Wongaporkpies
    EE stands for everyone everywhere cannot get a decent 3G signal !
  • Joe
    Oh Jesus shit Vodafone are terrible, whereas O2 are great. Please don't merge. Please.
  • David P.
    I've always found Vodafone rock solid, whereas O2 were rubbish for me; I hope O2 don't drag them down!
  • Mike H.
    I keep going to hospital to have my phone removed when I "fall on it".
  • 3
    They are all festering cunt-faced shit eaters. Join 3. We are the best fucking network in the world you twats.

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