O2 adds your iTunes purchases to bill if you want

o2logo_mediacentre O2 users will now be able to purchase iTunes codes that will be charged to their bill!

The UK mobile solutions operator will now allow customers to purchase iTunes Codes that can be charged directly to their monthly bill.

Using O2's "Charge to Mobile" payments service, customers can now buy iTunes Codes, which will be charged straight to their monthly phone bill or from their pay as you go credit.

The codes are available from o2vouchers.co.uk, and are available from £10-£30. To celebrate the launch, O2 is offering customers who buy iTunes Codes a voucher worth £25 for £20.

The codes can be used to purchase all sorts, be it music, films, apps and books and the charges will be shown on the monthly bills as "O2 iTunes".

O2's Commerce Sales head Danny Barclay said, "We look forward to making our customers' lives easier by offering them a fast, easy and safe alternative method of payment to purchase iTunes credit."

A similar service is already available for Windows Phone users, allowing them to charge apps bought on their smartphones to their O2 bills.

We eagerly await the papers running a story about how someone's child has racked up a gigantic bill buying One Direction and Little Mix remixes without permission.

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