NYC trollies get dressed up and go racing

British shopping trolleys lead a dull and uneventful life – slowly meandering around the aisles of identikit supermarkets all day long. A crash now and again rouses them from their torpor but it’s mostly the same old same old.

If you’re a 24-hour supermarket trolley, you might get the occasional bit of dry-humping with the local transvestite who only does his shopping at 4.40am so as to avoid cries of ‘Give us a kiss darlin’!’ coming at him from all angles. But that’s rare – we’ve only seen it happen in the flesh once.

Kind of like the transvestite, all the humble trolley does is yearn for escape – the chance to get out of the car park and go feral. For most of them it’s an impossible mission.

But we digress. Over in NYC, shopping trolleys get called carts, and get dressed up and have a mad race around the city once a year. It’s called Idiotarod. Check it out.

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