Nuts to the UK - America has resurrected the Marathon

Since 1990, the UK has been in a state of peanut-related turmoil. The name of the country's ninth favourite chocolate bar, Marathon, was laid to rest and the pan-global nonsense that is Snickers began appearing in newsagents and service stations. Apparently the UK was waiting for a peanut-enriched chocolate bar named after a horse, because it became the third favourite chocolate bar.

There was talk of a Marathon revival over a year ago, and petitions have been set up to have the named changed back, but it seems futile. Mars, Inc are determined that the Brits will continue to observe the worldwide brand of Sni- hang on, what the bloody hell is this?

Bitterwallet - the Yanks re-introduce the Marathon bar. Bastards.

Apparently this gestalt entity has been around for a few months on the other side of the Atlantic, but America decided not to tell us they'd stolen our heritage for the purpose of their energy bars. We ought to sail right back to the colonies and make them all drink tea again, the cheeky bastards.


  • zeddy
    It isn't the same bar. What next? Look those folk at Bodyform have brought back Jif..........the tampon.
  • Joff
    Snickers Marathon - for healthy living? America, this is why you're fat. You believe eating chocolate will make you healthy. Asshats.
  • HamMan
    the story didn't say they're exactly the same bar - it says they're energy bars and the US are using the name?
  • I k.
    The creator of the Mars bar (an American called Mars) had a horse called Mr Snickers. That's why he called his 2nd choc bar Snickers. Only outside the US was the name of the confectionery changed...
  • I k.
    In fact, the full name of the creator was Frank Mars (who lived in Minneapolis). He created the very first Mars bar in 1923.
  • Nick
    They also stopped sponsoring a certain 26 mile race in the UK at the same time they changed the name.
  • Chris
    They have been available for sale in the US for years, had one back in 2002 - nasty.
  • zeddy
    @HamMan: The title gives that impression. Look, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • Roy
    Mars was created by Frank "kitkat" Mars in 1824 actually. The original receipe contained LCD nuts, so you would drink your cocaine coke and have some LCD nuts in your mouth to combine the feeling of europhia. In the late 1800s society began to change so LCD nuts and cocaine coke was not allowed anymore. However, whilst on a marathon himself Frank Mars invented the kitkat when he had to take a break and really felt the urge to snap some finger based produce. So much so he snapped his own fingers and ate 4. Therefore he knew his new bar would have 4 fingers and be called the kit kat.
  • Craig
    LCD nuts, cool, do they glow through your stomach lining? Do you mean LSD by any chance??
  • Brian
    mmmmm, deep-fried Mars Bar...better turn the camping double burner on.
  • Bobby C.
    Roy - great story but Kit Kats, aren't the made by Nestle? Not Mars? Or did they steal the idea off Frank having seen the four finger eating incident?
  • Joff
    Bobby, they were dreamed up by Rowntrees before Nestle liked them so much, they bought the company. I knew it anyway, but I checked on Wikipedia just so my facts to you all were correct (if only BW staff would do the same). In the US KitKats are made (under license) by Hershey who according to some programme I watched whilst on a plane somewhere, had beef with Mars years ago.
  • Norks
    Eat my nutts America!

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