Nuts refuses to cover up for the Co-op

In the latest instalment of Modestygate, Nuts magazine has decided not to bag its covers for the Co-op. Instead of covering them up by the September deadline, publisher IPC Inspire has decided to pull the magazine from the shelves in the supermarket’s 4000 UK stores. Because apparently, shiftily gazing at Michelle Keegan’s areola in a supermarket is a human right – or something.


Paul Williams, the MD of IPC Inspire said: 'Co-op's knee-jerk attempt to restrict access to a product that consumers have enjoyed for nearly a decade is wrong.'

He continued: ‘Nuts takes its obligation to craft products that are right for consumers and retailers alike very seriously, and for a number of weeks now we have had new covers in place, which have a more conservative tone. We are delighted with our readers' response to the new covers and last week's issue was our biggest selling since February.’

Both Nuts and fellow lad’s skinfest Zoo say they will continue to tone down their covers. But it’s thought that the other magazines, like Front and Loaded, will follow Nuts’ lead and also boycott the supermarket - rather than sell them bagged up. So principled!

I’m going to the Co-op to dance in the magazine aisle.


  • klingelton
    And Coop get fewer customers. Bye bye coop.
  • Grammar N.
    I really doubt Co-Op will see any real drop in customers.
  • Mustapha S.
    To answer my previous question, 'No'.
  • klingelton
    "I really doubt Co-Op will see any real drop in customers." Did they have any prior to this announcement?
  • Grammar N.
    "Did they have any prior to this announcement?" Yes, obviously.
  • JonB
    Who buys magazines nowadays? Surely the internet has everything you need to read or see?
  • Alexis
    Nobody seems to have explained why the Co-op suddenly decided they wanted to stop putting them behind cardboard shields. Using the shields meant no problem and everyone was happy. This is purely a PR stunt by the Co-op.
  • shiftynifty
    C0-op is just a glorified over large...over priced corner shop...ethics...yeah right...full of shit
  • Big M.
    Yeah bullshit, fair trade, ethically sourced bullshit. And overpriced.
  • Paul C.
    Yeah, go and dance in the aisles of the Co-Op, Lucy. Along with all those other bullshit magazines like Cosmo which has a far denigrating effect on women than lads mags will ever have on men. Go feminism.
  • fibbingarchie
    'I’m going to the Co-op to dance in the magazine aisle. ' Well in keeping with the subject of your article, I hope you're going to do it round a pole with your tits out.
  • Dick
    They should do a "not available in the Co-op" cover.
  • Norris M.
    Who the fuck buys magazines now anyway?
  • jt
    It's not like this is anything new, I got my Nuts out in Co-op a couple of years ago and for some reason I was asked to leave.

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