Number plates - the next advertising platform? Really?

This has to be bullshit baffles-brains-territory, surely? A US firm called Smart Plate is developing an electronic number plate that would scroll adverts while a car is stopped in traffic. What's more, the government is considering a bill to allow further research into the move, introduced by politicians in California in a desperate bid to raise more taxes.

The idea is that the vehicle would display a digital number plate while in motion, which would be replaced by a scrolling set of adverts for businesses when the vehicle stops for longer than four seconds. Drivers would be able to play media mogul and choose the adverts their plate displays, and receive rewards in return.

Bitterwallet - digital number plates for advertising

Smart Plate's chief executive attempted to wriggle out of the association with advertising completely, by stating: "The idea is not to turn a motorist's vehicle into a mobile billboard, but rather to create a platform for motorists to show their support for existing good working organisations."

Reports of Ronald McDonald casing banks before the big job would no doubt skyrocket, but that aside - you've already got a CD player, a radio, an MP3 player, Sat Nav, widget-filled dashboards and people want you to start taking in driving test-style advertising by eyeballing number plates? How about looking at the road ahead and what's on it? It'll never happen. Back to The Fifth Element with your futuristic bullshit, the lot of you.

[The Guardian]


  • Pedant
    Leeloo multipass?
  • Jonny S.
  • kev
  • Graham
  • Amanda H.
    YES!!! ITS FUCKING REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Amanda H.
    Just awaiting confirmation of realness from BW........
  • PaulH
    They would never deceive us with non-reel material
  • Nobby
    But surely when you are stopped, you are too bloody close to the car in front to read their number plate. So why not use it to show ascii porn. That way, drivers will have a reason to slow down quicker to see the porn, therefore it could act as a safety device to stop shunting in traffic.
  • PaganWolf
    if a car is parked next to you in the car park, and it's scratched yours on the way into the space how would you be able to report the number plate if it's just adverts?
  • Jonas
    Stupid fucking idea. If I want to look at porn while driving, I will watch it on my (safely docked) iPhone. Apart from how impractical it is, I bet the 'rewards' are hardly worth the effort. For example I bet you have to show 5,000,000 adverts for McCunts Grocery store to get a free bag of carrots.
  • Jim
    Bastards stole my idea, except my idea had ladies being scrolled with their love out...

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