Npower lose both customers and cash

npower-logo Npower has shed 62,000 of household customers in the last year.

That's a bit careless.

The troubled energy supplier also reported a 38% drop in profit for the first six months of the year.

Profit before tax and interest payments on debt fell to £109m, or about £14 per customer, from £176m last year, npower said.

Understandably, the firm is spending more on improving its customer service, while costs of the government's energy efficiency scheme have risen.

There's also a worry that coal and gas stations may be shut down as low wholesale prices are making them run at a loss.

Npower also blamed the mild weather and one-off factors for the drop in profits to 2.27bn euros (£1.8bn), which is a little bit daft seeing as it is actually Summer and it is supposed to be the time people tend to lay off the radiator action.

They have until the end of the month to sort out its billing problems or it will be forced to stop all telephone sales to new customers. Apparently, their challenge for its customer services is to ‘become a more human interface while remaining compliant’.

Well, using language like 'interface' and 'compliant' is really going to help there, pal.


  • DrJogalog
    Good. I hope they go bust. Absolute shambles in customer service and they don't know their arse from their elbow. Getting their just desserts in my opinion.
  • GodisIntheDetails
    I left last year due to repeated complaints about billing were ignored/denied; even my final bill was a stitch-up. Just had a letter from them refunding some of the last billing error - too little - too late.

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