Now your feathered pet can get a birds-eye view of everything!

10 October 2011

Here’s one for you bird-owners who are sick of seeing all those smug dog-owners wandering around the streets and parks, exercising their slobbering, idiot-brained dogs. Finally, you and your feathered friend can be their equals, if not their superiors.


It’s a wearable bird carrier and enables you to take your winged pet out with you, whether it be to the shops OR a funeral. If he/she is a talker, you’ll be able to prompt him to say whatever phrases you’ve trained him/her, whether it be ‘who’s a pretty boy then?’, ‘pieces of eight’ or ‘stick it up your arsehole fatso’.

Tree-mendous stuff! Geddit??



  • Boris J.
    I've got a pair of great tits that would look marvelous in this. Seems to hang a bit low though; might be able to fit a cockatoo in instead. etc.
  • Dick
    Do you suffer from diphallasparatus? Or do you plan to wear it with a gay over?
  • Darren
    Does it come with an auto cook setting? Nice to have fresh pigeon on the go!

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