Now your drab horse worries are no more...


Many, if not all of us, own at least one horse. We ride around on them as a mode of transport on a daily basis, while some of us enjoy lifting them clean above our heads as a method of getting fit and keeping strong.

But, let’s face it – horses look fucking boring don’t they? If only someone would make a range of bright, flashy costumes that we drape around our nags’ heads and over their bodies, then life would be so much more interesting.

Brace yourselves horse fans, because someone has.


They’re a company called The Horse Tailor and you can choose from an extensive range of horse costumes that will make your trusty steed look like something from a nightmarish remake of It’s A Knockout.

From the ‘fairytale’ range, you can now dress your horse as a fairy princess, big bad wolf or a witch (among others) while the ‘movies’ range will allow you to disguise your horse as Batman, Harry Potter, the Pink Panther, Superman and many, many more.

They’re not cheap (averaging just over £100 per costume) but invest in one and you’ll never ever have anyone shout ‘Hey mate, your horse just looks like… a horse’ again as you trot by. A small price to pay…



  • Klingelton
    I'd like to see a "Robert Cop" outfit for a horse.
  • Wibble
    Okaaaaaaaaaay...... I must stop smoking weed cos the Scooby Doo one is a bit scarey! Most of them are so shit that they look like a 3 year old made them at nursery.
  • Roll41
    WTF. Is dis real?
  • singhster
    Nay bad I reckon. Coat time.
  • James D.
    Do they also offer a horse to fox conversion costume?
  • Your M.
    WTF is a "Robert Cop".
  • Steve c.
    I too would be interested in a horse to fox conversion. It would give the thrill of bumming a fox whilst having the practicality of bumming a horse (bigger bums).
  • Your M.
    Now I know!
  • Klingelton
    isn't Robert Cop da bomb!
  • zeddy
    .....whereas the person on top looks like a horse's arse.
  • Your M.
    I wonder if they do a world cup version?

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