Now your dog can live forever - without all the slobber and stink

When the Bitterwallet office dog, Mensch, died last year, we had him pickled in a giant bell-jar filled with brine. He’s over there in the corner, looking all sad and brine-y.

But now there’s another thing that you can do with the corpse of your beloved mutt – you can burn it, get the ashes and have someone use them to make a forever-lasting picture of the poor pooch. Like this...


That ‘someone’ is the good folk from Skrekkogle – they’ll fashion a frighteningly accurate snap of your recently-deceased doggie. It’s almost enough to make you want to kill your dog and hurry the procedure along. Isn’t it?

We love you Mensch.



  • Foxes
    Paw dog.
  • PaganWolf
    That's nothing, check out
  • Grumpy
  • Nick T.
    I'm definitely bookmarking this for when Vanessa Feltz pegs it.

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