Now you can wire money abroad for just 99p

Bitterwallet - Send Money NowEver had to wire money abroad? No, neither have we. But if we had, we'd have no doubt challenged somebody to a fist fight if they tried to charge us £25 for doing so. That's all about to change we a new service that'll cost less than a quid.

Traditionally the services has cost between £20 and £25 according to Travelex, but their new service Send Money Now allows you to wire between £25 and £2,500 for a paltry 99p. It'll take up to five days for the cash to reach whoever needs it. They could be dead or in jail by that point, so you can pay £7 and get the money to them within two days - a third of the current price.

If you've got kids, probably best not to mention it to them or the little shits will be begging for money every five minutes once they piss off travelling to find themselves.


  • Grassy T.
    No doubt the members of the Nigerian royal family who have funds that cannot be removed from the country without the aid of the helpful British public will find this service very handy.
  • Craig
    Western Union charge under a tenner to move £100 across Europe, and do so almost instantly. Granted, their exchange rate isn't that hot (1.07 vs 1.09 at travelex), but still £7 for a 2-day service vs £10 for instant. Who's charging you £25? (or are you just regurgitating a travelex PR?)
  • U J.
    I paid £25 to make a transfer in your mum
  • captain.cretin
    Great!! I thought, then I found it doesnt cover China; the one place I send money regularly. U Jelly?? : u woz robbed, his mum usually does it for a bottle of pop and some pork scratchings. :-p
  • Meh
    This is a good service for small amounts where the fees are far more significant than the exchange rate spread, but if it's a few 100 pounds then it's worth shopping for a better exchange rate.
  • Grumpygrampy
    Looking at Turkish Lira, they are only offering 2.40 to the pound. Whoelsale rate right now is 2.53! Rip off.
  • Hugh J.
    @U JELLY Took me two days, but I got there for £7! Though that doctor bitch in Niger still owes me 7.45 million US dollaz!

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