Now you can play Farmville for real. Ish.

just think of the bacon sandwiches you could get off this lot

You remember Farmville. That wacky old game on Facebook that lets you be a virtual farmer and throws up those annoying status messages informing anyone who doesn't care that a cow has escaped? Well now you can play it for real. Well, real ish.

The National Trust have just launched MyFarm , a rip-roaringly good idea which means that, for the princely sum of £30, you can become a real-life farmer, in a virtual kind of way.

£30 will buy you an annual subsription to be a farmer and you will then get to vote on things to do with farming. The first vote will go live on Thursday 26 May 2011. From then onwards Farmers will vote at least once a month on different issues to do with the everyday running of the farm. The three big themes are  crops , livestock , and the wider impacts of the farm on our environment and wildlife. You also get a family ticket to  visit Wimpole Farm, a beef, sheep and arable mixed farm, in Cambridgeshire. I wonder if they'll use AV?

Anyhow, the inspiration did indeed come from Farmville, and the National Trust are hoping it will help consumers engage with where their food comes from. Hopefully this won't be the same consumers cited in a National Farmers' Union survey from last year, which suggested that 26 per cent of under-16s thought bacon came from sheep, while 29 per cent believed oats grow on trees. How stupid- everyone *knows* you get oats from an oat mine.

Fiona Reynolds, director general of the National Trust, said: "We think this is quite a brave experiment." We would have to agree...


  • Phil
    Don't you get oats from tesco? They magically appear on the shelf each night...
  • Darren
    If you got something out of it, like a nice basket of veg once a month or something, or even just once a year, it would be worth it, but basically you are getting nothing. you get to pay £30 to believe you are playing farmville for real. haha. But there are a lot of stupid people out there that will believe this is a good idea, so I'm sure it will do very well. Its a cleaver way to make money from a farm.
  • Charlie
    Fail! Quote: just think of the bacon sandwiches you could get off this lot Answer = None, they are sheep!

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