Now you can make a dog's dinner of family mealtimes

The-Pet-High-Chair Dog owners! No longer should you feel that your loveable, slobbering pooch is missing out on being part of the family as you all munch through your lunch or dinner while he or she mooches about at floor level.

After all, the sight of a dog stooping over its bowl of grub on the floor is so unnatural isn’t it? Surely the right way for any creature to eat is sat upright at the dinner table like us superior humans do.

Well now that dream can become a fantastic reality with the Pet High Chair from renowned New York gadget store Hammacher Schlemmer. Just look at how comfortable the dog looks, sat strapped into its high chair with its dessert placed enticingly in front of it. Yum! Woof!

In the future, all dogs will eat this way, and we’re pretty sure that they’ll all develop the power of speech too, allowing them to converse with the rest of the family and join in with the traditional mealtime conversation…

“So Rex, how was your day today?”


[Thanks to rabid Bitterwallet reader Daniel Austin]


  • JGN
    wonder if i can get one for my girlfriend.
  • Tom P.
    "Posted by JGN | wonder if i can get one for my girlfriend." Your girlfriend is a dog?
  • The B.
    Toy dogs should all be sent to Korea, toy dogs owners shouldn't be allowed to vote until they can prove they have an IQ of over 50.

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