Now you can dance in your pants – your feet pants that is

The moment these products were brainwaved must have been one of those eureka moments for their creator but in truth they’re up there with Alan Partridge’s Monkey Tennis telly pitch, the Sinclair C5 or BBC1’s Totally Saturday with Graham Norton.

Dear children of Bitterwallet, feast your eyes on the Footundeez range – they’re your actual authentic underpants for your poor, neglected toesy-woseys.

Imagine being a toe, spending part of your day staring up between the legs of your master or mistress, wondering why they get adorn their reproducables in such lovely underwear while all you get is the cramped confines of a stuffy pair of socks or a clinging pair of tights.

Now the toe has equal rights, and a stylish range of pants that it can wear so that it can be just like the inhabitants of the crotch.

They’re available from Capezio, a dancewear label, so there’s clearly a specialist need for these things although we’re damned if we can figure out what the hell it might be.

They’re around £15 a pair and we predict that a sizeable number of Bitterwallet’s foot fetish-loving readership have clicked on the link already…


  • Tom P.
    Mmmm, feet... snif,snif,snif....AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh....tissue
  • Brian
    Is that a MANS foot or a SEXY FEMALES foot wearing those feet underpants?
  • abc
    Its a dog paw

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