Now you can control things with your mind

mindwave The future is still utterly terrifying, with news that London start-up This Place has developed a way to let users control Google Glass with THEIR MIND.

The app entitled MindRDR converts the wearer's brainwaves and turns those into commands for the head-mounted devices.

So basically, you can utilise your brainwaves for evil and make like some techno Damien or literally become Scanners.

The brainwaves are harvested by NeuroSky, and translated into commands to the wearable.

By simply concentrating or relaxing, the user can operate the device, as wearers will see a horizontal line that sits in the middle of the screen which moves up the more they concentrate and down the more they relax.

Once the line reaches the top of the screen, Google Glass will take a photo. The user can then decide to share the picture on social media, by raising the line again, or discard it by letting the line fall to the bottom.

ortunately, taking and uploading pics is all MindRDR can do, but the plan is to making it an open source affair.

he man who will be a target when robots from the future come for him, Dusan Hamlin, said MindRDR could eventually "enable those with locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia to interact with the wider world using Google Glass".

Oooh actually, that's quite a good benefit.

While Chloe Kirton, who'll no doubt be screaming as weapons are fired come the robopocalypse, said the company wer already in talks with world-famous physicist Steven Hawking, who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease, and others "about the possibilities MindRDR could bring as the product evolves".


Technology, eh?

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