Now YOU can become a weird roller baby too

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Remember the roller babies advert from Evian? The ones that everyone either loved or thought were slightly creepy?

Well, they’ve been retweaked and reimagined and are now A INTERNET VIRALS. Evian are odds-on to gain even more publicity and sales now that they’ve enabled you, the humble internet user to upload your own face into the video and become an actual roller baby!

What larks and amazing scenes all round! You should definitely waste some of your precious time having a bash at it, but please don’t use your powers for evil, like in this example... (by @simonswatman)


  • Garry G.
    Another good version:
  • PokeHerPete
    Wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang? OH YEAH!
  • Alexis
    Evian thinks its ad is genius. Personally I think it is creepy and pretty cliched. It's shite basically. So what better way to prolong the shiteness and up the cliche factor than having a video that puts your face unconvincingly on a sinister baby while it, ahem, hilariously jumps about like a dick. What a crap interactive gimmick. Still no idea what it's got to do with sodding H2O anyway.
  • Ben
    What is this new obsession with putting your face onto things?
  • online
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