Now you can be eco-warrior bag-head Mexican wrestling superhero!

eco2Here at Bitterwallet, the two things we love ahead and above everything else are saving the planet and Mexican wrestling. With that in mind, we momentarily raised a wry arched eyebrow when we saw this. As you’d hope and expect, the promotional spiel explains it all…

"Who's ECO WARRIOR?" Anyone can be a HERO! ECO WARRIOR BAG is a eco-bag that represents you are an Environment activist. If you see "Anti-manner" people like throwing away a cigarette butt on street, not separating garbage by type, transform ECO WARRIOR! Then, give them a warning very kindly instead of a drop kick. Standard class and High class that is printed with lame ink are available.

It's from Japan, naturally, but it all seems a little bit too good to be true. The only potential snag we could find comes courtesy of the complete absence of any eye-holes. Get your navigation wrong and instead of tackling an ‘anti-manner’ person, you could find yourself leaping on the back of an unsuspecting pensioner or a vending machine that sells schoolgirl’s knickers.

Stay strong eco-crimefighters!



  • Mike
    Throwing rubish in bins doesnt means theres less waist, I just hides the problem. That's why I throw all my stuff on the street, I refuse to use bins except in peoples homes, this helps highlight the real problem of people throwing too much stuff away.
  • My P.
    good advice there mike, I blame all this recycling shmuck for all the stuff that gets left in landfills not decomposing .... surely if you put all your food waste / paper / card etc back in with your regular rubbish stuff would decompose quicker around it? stands to reason to me.
  • Grumpo
    well thats one way to deal with rubbish.. I suppose.. just dump it everywhere... 'course your just as bad as the other lazy bastards then mate!

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