Now you can angle your chopped food correctly and precisely...

Are you a keen chef, with a penchant for chopping vegetables? But perhaps you’ve got a smattering of OCD about you, and the size and shape of your sliced veg REALLY REALLY MATTERS to you.

You’ll probably think about killing yourself far less often once you’ve invested in one of these. In case you hadn’t guessed by now from our clever clues, it’s an OCD Chopping Board.


Beautiful isn’t it? And precise too. Mmmmm… precision onions...

[Boing Boing]


  • cha0tic
    But... but... they're not using it properly in the top picture. LINE THE VEGETABLES UP WITH THE LINES ON THE BOARD FER CHRISTS SAKE! Sorry. It hurts to look at.
  • greg
    anyone else think ocd is not real? just a bunch of attention seeking cunts that pretend to have it cos they saw it on american tv. no-one had that shit when i was a kid, it's new american fucking disease 2.0 bullshit. that and nut allergies
  • Paddy
    I knew a girl who suffered from OCD. She had to check everything about 5 times. We used to alter stuff after she checked it 3 or 4 times so she'd go batshit. I think that's why she left her job......
  • You
    Im with Gregg on this one. Its made up ny attention seeking / compensation grabbing dicks. Like stress. How come Royal Marine Commandos dont get stress, but some dick in my office with zero responsibility has just had 6 months off with it?
  • bittertraveller
    @You They do get stress. But made up studies have shown that killing people is a great stress release. So better that the dick didn't go the marine route to release stress and just took 6 months off to wank.
  • brian
    OCD is probably one of those diseases that have been around since the dawn of time however in years past people would think you were simply nuts and lock you up in a sanitarium for the rest of your life. These days people still think you're nuts but you don't have to be locked up.
  • james D.
    Oh cmon people obviously actually have it, but for everyone who really does several other like to "think" they have it.
  • Dick
    Poorly thought out product in my opinion. Anyone with OCD would prefer a scratch resistant polycarbonate one, since wood gets scratched when you chop. And those fine cuts take ages to clean.
  • Whisky
    In a morning I lock the front door and as soon as I get to the car I cant remember if I have locked the door so I go back and check. When going to bed I lock the door and brush my teeth. I then cant remember if I have locked the door so I go back and check. Is my problem.. A. Too much alcohol (likely)? B. OCD? C. Retardedness (equally likely)? And should I buy a yale lock so the door is always locked as long as it shut?
  • tommy
    Its kind of sad really that some people are such toss pots about somebody that suffers form a mental health issue. fingers point to greg and you, do u truly know why they are suffering? I doubt they would tell fuck wits like your selves that they got molested as a child (an example). Even if its just money that causing it, diffrent people have diffrent levels of cope. By reading your posts i would say you are suffering from little man syndrome. Anger is your ocd my friends. I bid you good-day
  • You
    Tommy, you're a tard.
  • tommy
    You - Do you want me to show you where the R and E keys are? twat lol Liz - I like your style! hehe

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