Now there's vegetarian Percy Pigs for veggies who erm, want to eat pigs

Bitterwallet – your go-to place for breaking Percy Pig news. First there was your STANDARD Percy Pigs and then there was the Percy Pig ice cream lollies, and then came the Percy Pig juice drink.

Now Marks & Spencer are getting ready to throw a curveball by releasing VEGETARIAN Percy Pigs on to the shelves. Look...


In case you didn’t know, the STANDARD Percys contain meat, or gelatin or something, so the new vegetarian option will come as an enormous boon to some consumers. And as you know, we’re always on the lookout for enormous boons.

Although, vegetarians should bear in mind that it’ll be representations of ACTUAL PIGS that they’ll be eating. Ask yourselves ‘What would Morrissey do?’ before you bite down into their beautiful faces....

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  • Dick
    And when will they be bringing out the version for meatarians with no vegetable matter in them?
  • Alexis
    I wonder how many kids know they're chomping down on pig hoof?
  • Smin
    Waste of time - why make a pigless pig-related snack?
  • br04dyz
    I got an enormous boon for ya!
  • MattWPBS
    Lovely jub. Oddly enough, I reckon there's a fair few people who aren't vegetarian who'll look at these and go "wait... Percy Pigs have meat in them...?" Probably followed by retching when they find out what gelatine actually is. Mmmmm... Boiled hooves.
  • Dick
    They don't have meat in them. Meat is flesh. Tasty, tasty flesh. Gelatine is derived from the sinewy bits of collagen and bone. They make sure they remove all the meat first.
  • Cheesey
    What next for M&S? Let's whore this brand to the max: Percy Pigs with added vegetables Percy Pigs with real bacon Percy Pigs with truffles Percy Pigs with soft squirty lady juice centres...
  • Jax
    Why they couldn't just remove the gelatine from the normal Percy Pigs I'll never know.
  • meaty p.
    >Why they couldn’t just remove the gelatine Cos boiled abbatoir floor sweepings are cheap
  • Graham
    This is great. Bought some jellie sweets a few days ago from a food fair. Why do they put crap like geleatine when they obviously don't need to
  • Naomi
    Because as previously mentioned, gelatine is incredibly cheap in comparison to pectin. Its not a hard process its just more expensive, like most ethical things. For me though, this is a big thumbs up. Used to love percy's before I became a veggie.
  • char
    i found these this morning. I am vegiterian and love sweets, its so difficult to find veggie sweets especially ones that are actually nice like these i will be stocking up incase they dont last!!
  • Haz
    These look great I will have to try them :) Other Veggie sweets I have found are Goody Good Stuff they sell them at bigger Holland and Barratts they are delicious so I can't wait to try these :D
  • X
    Its pretty silly to suggest the sweets been pig shape may be a problem for veggies or even hypocritical of them....meat eaters don't eat them as a pork replacement sweets come in all forms; like shoes and space ships; but nobody wants to eat the actual object It's great to have the substitute which a lot of people prefer to gelatine percy
  • Chloeanne
    They also do Veggie Haribo! So rad. I just hope I find veggie marshmellows soon! I'm so pleased the confectionary world are coming to terms with vegetarianism. Hopefully the rest of the world will. I'm sick of people preaching about how I should eat meat, I never preach to people how they shouldn't so what gives them the right to say I should.
  • Jay
    I love this news, will defo have to go to my M&S & hunt for them!! I usually get some veggie marshmallows from & they r just so lush!!!
  • rachel
    im a vegetarian and i think these are an excellent idea because i love percy pigs but obviously i cant eat them. all they do is remove the gelatine but there still twice as nice!!
  • John
    why are they not suitable for vegans?
  • emilyveggiepiglover

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