Now the modern lady can have a non-stop party in her pants

P89905B Yesterday, we brought you the vaguely alarming concept of novelty mints that will refresh a lady’s, erm, lady garden area.

While we’re hanging around down those parts, and what with Christmas coming up, we thought we should also share these space-age undergarments with you.  Available from The Pyramid Collection (Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance,) they’re the Astrea 1 Vibrating Briefs and are guaranteed to secretly spice up even the dullest situation.

As the blurb says, you’re getting: “Apparel at its most intimate! Tucked into the lining of these saucy lace briefs is a quiet, removable little massager that you (or an exceptionally trustworthy companion!) operate by remote control.” To quote Hugh Hefner’s memorable catchphrase, gadzooks!

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 09.20.14

They’re good, but they’re not good enough. What they need to come up with is a pair that can be controlled from far away by some type of Internet/Bluetooth arrangement. That way, the gentleman can treat his lady to a brief buzz-blast in her briefs when she’s least expecting it.

Either that or he’ll accidentally lean on the switch while she’s out shopping and he’s watching Soccer Saturday. He’ll be oblivious to what he’s done and she’ll be giving it the full When Harry Met Sally all round TK Maxx.

Modern times boys and girls, modern times…

Incidentally, did you know that boxer shorts were invented ON THIS DAY back in 1901? Nah, we don't care either.

[Unique Daily]


  • In f.
    Who says these are just for ladies? Now I can give up fingering my man-pussy in public!
  • MrRobin
    Vibrating undies have been around for years! Including ones that can be activated by text message... Did you never watch Eurotrash?!
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I'm sure this contraption would cause some sensations on my winky if i wore them.
  • Emma
    There are wireless ones... the Astrea 2 believe it or not...

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