Now showing on Sky Movies - "action... and prayer beads"

Your time is precious, plus your Sky subscription is hardly a snip - so when you need to consult the Sky EPG for recommendations, you expect quality insight into how best to manage your free time. Unless you plump for some dogshit starring Steven Seagal - then you get everything you deserve, frankly:

Bitterwallet - The Glimmer Man, starring Steven Seagal



  • Jase
    A better description than some of them out annoying when the Scrubs descriptions just say "Today we follow a day of J.D...etc." Since when did an episode of Scrubs not include JD? Btw, the new Sky Interface is MUCH better than the current...anything within the full-screen TV guide now places the current channel in a small box in the top-right (sound is also retained rather than the music), and it also animates scrolling left / right on the time of channel. Also, recording automatically asks if you wanna just record this or all of that program (rather than going into "Planner" and selecting "Series Link". You probably won't see it for a while because they're testing it with bSkyb staff...HD only I think. Could get a picture if anyone actually gives a shit.
  • Paul S.
    I'd like to see it Jase - fancy sending some screen shots to me at [email protected]?
  • Dale
    There was a video a few months ago on sky anytime showing the new hd guide, looked very smart.
  • Bendy
    That video still runs on ch998 every so often I think
  • Gunn
    Sounds like the guide used by Virgin, much better idea to leave the current channel while browsing.
    jase the tv guide has been live to the majority of HD customers for about 3 months. Good show batman. Fucking idiot. Not everyone has it yet - half of Samsung owners, and all of Amstrad are still waiting because despite what you say - its shit, slow and buggy.
  • Colin
    I've got the new interface on my Sky+HD (only a few HD boxes weren't getting it, like Amstrad and one other brand, a few months ago), and I like it. Don't care at all about the tiny television picture in the top right corner, but the layout in general for finding programs and channels is better and the ability to look at the 'info' for any program on any channel instead of just the current program on the current channel when you're just using the popup selector is the best bit. Even if it does expect you to read the whole entry for a program in 2 seconds.
  • John
    they should include a scroll bar so the descriptions could at least describe what the program is about.
  • Jase
    Yeah, could do...but as someone's mentioned, if you hang around long enough on the Sky Channel thing it'll have a preview on there (I haven't seen it but it seems plausible). Another nice feature is that it mentions how long ago a show you don't have to work out / discover you're dropping into an episode of something as its finishing. It's also a good way of understanding where the adverts are (30 min show, 1 advert at around 13-15 mins in). Like when Facebook changed, it'll be a pain in the arse to get used to, but you'll be happier with it in the long-run.
  • Marcus S.
    Happier in the long-run? It certainly is better than the old one (then again, what isn't?), but it's so slow it's unbearable using it.

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