Now metal-detecting fans can look almost 15% less ridiculous

When it comes to team-building exercises, there’s nothing that works better for us here at Bitterwallet than a group metal detection session. We all head off to a nearby beach, whip out our metal detectors and headphones and see who can be the first one to unearth a coin, a bottle top or an old bolt.

The downside is that we get harassed by passers-by, seemingly for being ‘nerds,’ ‘a pack of Billy no-mates’ or just ‘twats.’ It’s not easy – more often than not, the only coins we find are the ones that the haters have just pinged off the sides of our heads.

So we’ve been whooping with unbridled joy at the advent of these, the metal-detecting sandals, now available from Hammacher Schlemmer for just $59.95. With a depth range of two feet and a flashing red light, a gentle vibration and an audible buzz to alert you to a big find, it’s a winner in every department.

There’s a slight chance that the battery pack (which straps to the user’s calf) could invite more derision or even the involvement of the police, looking as it does like an electronic monitoring tag but we’re more than happy to give it a go.

Finally, the dream of visiting the beach without being pelted about the head with coins is almost real. What a wonderful world….

[via Oh Gizmo!]


  • bobp
    Are you supposed to swing your foot in a typical metal detecting arc as you walk, if not this would be completely useless as your foot would be in the air half the time. So you'd still look a nerd, either swinging your foot or walking up and down in a grid fashion.
  • Amanda H.
    They should have focused on a third leg attachment.
  • Jackuzi
    The most useful setting for these will be the 'dogsh*t detector'.
  • Antique A.
    I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with the design of these "bits between the toes" sandals. I'm English and therefore obliged to wear socks with my sandals, particularly when on the beach. And couldn't I just strap the battery to my colostomy bag?
  • Francis R.
    I found an iPod, phone, Rolex watch, a wallet and a strange looking cup, it had 'Jesus' grail' and 'My Dad/God is better than yours' scribed on the side, I just threw the cup away, didn't seem worth much to me.
  • Uncle T.
    @Francis, i lost my Rolex watch last week....can i have it back? TIA
  • MrRSoles
    This has got to be a German invention with sandels like that!!!

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