Now kids and expensive gadgets DO mix

Letting your kids play with your gadgets is as sensible as strapping your leg to a tiger. But Digital Blue have seen this as an opportunity to create a new market - tech for kids, dressed up in familiar brands. The toy manufacturer has announced a licencing agreement with LEGO that will see the launch of video cameras, MP3 players and walkie talkies, amongst others:

Sadly, it's only styled to look like LEGO - they'll be no dropping this digital camera on the floor, adding a few bricks and rebuilding it as a Canon EOS 1000D. Digital Blue are also looking to create other equipment such as boom boxes and alarm clock radios in LEGO form. It shows some smart thinking, cashing in on the recent resurgence in LEGO's popularity.



  • spelling?
  • Paul S.
    It's a word game, see. Helps pass the time if you have to work out what letter I missed out. Um.
  • Bob
    Mst fel lke a rigt wnker.
  • andy y.
    British design excellence wins the day again. What it's a Jap camera and danish plastic all made in China? I'll get my coat
  • Amanda H.
    Great, I hope they do a Star Wars Death Star made out of this "Lego" stuff.
  • Mike H.
    The Mrs LEGO Dildo didn't go down too well (So to speak...)

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