Now England can be a complete shower off the pitch, too

Yes, it's true! Now you can hit the shower at half-time... full-time... anytime! Ha ha. Nothing says you're a true England fan like a Mira Azora 9.8kW electric shower. Except for a new netbook, obviously.

Bitterwallet - St George / England Football shower malarkey
Buy yours today and show B&Q the national squad that you're backing them all the way to the Quarter-Finals! Or alternatively, get in on the O2 SIM card action and potentially make a few quid out of them.


  • zeddy
    Is this what's known as a shower of shit?
  • zeddy i.
    I am very surprised the comment by the idiot " zeddy" has not been deleted , are these comments not modded ?.
  • Raging c.
    Bloody hell zeddy the idiot, you really are a bitch. Why do you think they needed to be moderated? Are you too offended by everything that you need people to censor stuff that might hurt your eyes? Twat. And to answer your question, no they are not moderated... unless you talk about having anal relations with wildlife.
  • James
    this looks like the real deal. i relaxing shower can go a long way as you get prepared to leave for work every morning.
  • zeddy
    Why has zeddy the idiot not been moderated for being an idiot?
  • Brian
    These showers can be very erotic when sprayed in the male erogenous zones
  • James D.
    This isn't North Korea zeddy the idiot.
  • Your M.
    Does Zeddy the idiot bum foxes or what.

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