Now celebs don't need to visit Africa to adopt a kid...

...they can just pop into their nearest Asda and pick one up instead.


[via @HelloAmyHello]


  • Nick T.
    Catholics -- remember you're not allowed to put meat in your mouths on a Friday.
  • Father O.
    Bless you my child for posting this, which particular branch of ASDA was this?
  • PokeHerPete
    Well the photo definitely wasnt taken by BW staff as they wouldn't be buying gift wrap as they dont actually give out any prizes!
  • samuri
    is it African? the poor thing weighs nowt
  • will
    Call me a snob, but I'd rather buy a Waitrose baby
  • akin
    I know what you mean PokeHerPete, "Design us a magazine cover and win prizes!"* then completely abandoning to actually give anyone a prize. my bullshit meter for this site rose alot after that day. *im lazy and this isnt the exact wording.

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