Now BlackBerry users can save money with GiffGaff

Giffgaffimage1-150x150 More and more of us are eschewing the mobile phone contract these, partly because handset technology isn’t as fast-moving as it used to be and partly because we’re all skint. As a result, GiffGaff have quickly established themselves as a value-for-money SIM-only network provider.

As of November 24th, even more of you will be able to sample their unique brand of, erm, GiffGaffness, when they start offering a service for BlackBerry handsets as well. The cost will be a standard £3 per month on top of their regular ‘goody bag’ prices. As avid HotUKDeals member MassiveAttack99 says, “you could get unlimited texts, unlimited internet, 250 mins + Blackberry Services for just £13 a month on Pay As You Go”.

Any GiffGaff users want to boast about how good they are? Or maybe slag them off? Any BlackBerry users want to tell us about some riots that they’re planning to orchestrate using BBM? Yeah, thought not.


  • SW
    Been with giffgaff since the spring, seem like much better value than my previous provider (Tesco) particularly for data.
  • Pete
    I've been with GiffGaff for 6months. Great prices! But they are cheap for a reason. Constant issues... In the past 3 months I have been unable to buy a new goodybag 3 times. Which means for the first few days of each month I have to use my back up credit. You don't get refunded for thus no matter how many messages you send to the "agents " you send.. There are also log in issues every so often, which you can't report as you have to log in to email the agents or ask the community. Also people report signal drop outs every so often (ive not had them though) Anyone in doubt check the 'community ' pages, mainly the service issue section and the "ask the community " section and see how many problems pop up each month. It's as if they didn't expect everything to get so big so fast so as a result everything breaks down pretty regularly. Hopefully this month ill have no top up or sign in issues when it's it comes time to top up... But I'm not keeping my hopes up. Also ignore any typos, on my phone... (irony)
  • Captain C.
    Pete you fraggle, why not just queue a goodybag so that the second one expires you have a new one waiting. No need to use "back up credit". "Captain Common-sense away"
  • Pete
    Because I couldn't purchase a goodybag for the final week of the month ;) Sometimes it says updating your goodybag for the entire month (like last month). And no matter how many emails you send it doesn't become an issue for them until the system falls on its arse during the final day of the month for everyone else. Captain obvious, awaaaay.
  • The B.
    I've been with them for a month and my only issue is that I have to pay to send foreign texts, which is rather annoying.
  • Brandon H.
    @Pete Signal dropouts may be more to do with the o2 network, as i have switched to giffgaff from o2 and am still gtting calls that drop out, only to return to full signal again within 5 or 10 seconds. ANOTHER REASON THEY ARE CHEAP: mms messages cost. When i was on o2 they simply took 4 messages out of my bundle. However, they are simply cheap as chips and save me being on a contract.
  • Pete
    @Brandon - Yeah, like I said Ive been lucky with signal to be honest, far better coverage in my area than orange/three but I never had any problems with O2 drops when I was with them really anyway. Think signal issues are more to do with location to be honest (and as you say, O2 issues). Still thought I would point them out though as they do exist. Up until 3 months agree I recommended them to everyone. Now though, nope. If in 3 months time Ive not had any further issues then Ill start inviting mates again. But if I get the purchase bug, log in bug or "updating goodybags" bug end of this month again I am gone.
  • jo
    I get that plus an extra couple of hundred minutes on tesco for a tenner a month on a rolling contract.
  • D S.
    Been on GiffGaff for quite some time now.. Currently I am overseas since past 2 weeks, but still get network due to their (O2's) international Alliance with local Providers here in my current location. Never really had a problem with them so far, and always loved the way they kept me informed about every single thing in regards to my account... Well, after being a t-mobile customer for over a year, now I am a GiffGaff HAPPY CUSTOMER for over 4 months.. Really happy.. Completely content with their services and specially "GOODYBAGS".. Just love their unlimited free texts and calls to giffgaff... I have now so many friends who have switched to giffgaff, mostly through me and some through my other friends, and if you refer friends as a part of payback promotion you get 500 points per new activated sim, which is equal to £5.00 so I guess with the amount of activations I have had so far, I must well be able to cover my over half of the year's monthly expense with £10 a month goody bag, sorry now it would be £13 a month including blackberry services by the time I am back in UK. So, very satisfied, extremely happy.. and just love GiffGaff.....

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