Now Asda slash the price of... IVF drugs?

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What with our piece on Whoopi Goldeberg’s incontinence and the alarming foetus necklace, we’re all about women’s Special Areas today. And here’s some more.

Asda have announced plans to help swell the population of this already-stuffed planet with the sale of IVF fertility drugs on a non-profit basis. With more and more people being forced to go private thanks to NHS fertility cutbacks, this could represent a huge saving for wannabe sprog-handlers.

Asda claim that IVF patients could save up to £820 per treatment if buying the kiddy pills from them as opposed to other suppliers like Boots or Superdrug, with Asda selling them at cost price.

What with that and their lovely fresh instore pizzas, we’re getting a bit of a warm glow when we think about Asda today. Aaaahhhh….


  • Dan
    More population means more Adsa customers. It's a long term investment plan.
  • grex9101
    Oh good god - more chavvy asda screaming brats on the planet. The sales of ready meals, lambrini and fags will skyrocket...
  • LisaW
    How horrible for you to say that Grex. Didn't you at any pioint think about those poor women who struggle to have children? IVF treatment (if your self funding) cost thousands!! Stop thinking about ASDA and think about the help it will offer to those couples in that situation.
  • yvonne
    Well done Lisa, thank god the world is not full of uneducated,docile idiotic people as Grex I will be looking at purchasing the IVF drugs from Asda as a saving of £800 is worth having and no child of mine will be living on ready meals as I am a fully qualified chef (with letters after my name )so I suggest people like Grex shut up until such a time that they have something worth saying!!
  • grex9101
    Seems like I touched a raw nerve........ Still, the point is valid. Asda customers are usually scum.
  • Joanne
    For me IVF is a lifeline as I cannot have children naturally and having self funded one failed attempt, any help is certainly very gratefully received. Yet I have to listen to people who do not understand what it's like to want to have child of your own and know that without paying thousands of pounds it won't happen, tell me that it is wrong to have IVF. At least any child born from IVF is really really wanted. I think more fertility treatment should be provided at cost - the immorality comes from PCT's making money out of it! Thanks Yvonne and Lisa.
  • Helen
    I think Grex is hitting on a very sore spot and displaying a particularly stereotypical and uneducated view. Typically those who care enough to try all methods to conceive children to the point of IVF, are not dole walling scum. I see hundreds of benefit claiming parents, yet I would hazard a guess that very few have ventured into the world of IVF to gain such a 'trophy'. I think ASDA are doing a great thing, more should follow their lead.
  • Kenny K.
    Just what we need, the people worst-placed to look after children (they are unable to have children naturally for a reason) rushing to do it on the cheap. Aside from that, all drugs should be not-for-profit (including manufacture, not just at retail).
  • Joy M.
    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years. We thought about going to an infertility clinic. I also saw this site online: Infertility Site. Do any of you have any experience in it?

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