Now addicted game players needn't get greasy control pads or starve to death no more

Ever since the team from our partner site Dealspwn moved in next door, we’ve been taken by their lust for computer games and have found ourselves studying their behaviour through the hastily-installed frosted glass that separates them from us.

As they’re more or less gaming around the clock, breaking off only to bring you another bargain or some hot news on the site, we were confused as to how they gained sustenance and avoided wasting away to supermodel-sized proportions.

Then, when we were rooting around in the bins round the back of the office through sheer boredom, we came across hundreds of empty bags of this stuff. Grease and crumb-free and probably full of something that’s vaguely good for you, Gamer Grub is the first snack designed for gamers and will probably make you look like Pac Man while you’re actually playing the game! Chomp CHOMP! Ha ha ha ha!

You can probably tell we don’t play games much here can’t you?

[Unique Daily]


  • Tom P.
    Good stuff, available from Tesco 99p, or 2 for £3...bargain
  • Dealspwn
    Hee hee. I love the pic on the think geek site of the "one handed delivery"
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. This "Gamer Grub" looks really good. Does anyone know if it will disrupt my bowl movements in the morning?
  • Martha F.
    Who knows brian, but it may well affect your bowel movement, (dick...)
  • bawbag
    At least someone knows what Dealspwn are up to, I have no idea what they do since my work blocks their website!
  • Dealspwn
    Brian, you should still be able to move your bowl with your hands? I don't think it will affect cereal movements.
  • Martha F.
    Is it Deal Spwn? as in Spawn, respawn. Or is it Deals Pwn as in Own? Either way, it doesn't make a blind bit of sense, apart from the deals bit, even though you report on anything to do with games, not just deals.
  • Brian
    BOWEL (as in shit)
  • Izzy
    this would go great with a good health energy potion... and a mana energy potion for desert... and if you Bowel Movement halts and causes anal leakage... stay alive with a nice blood bag energy potion... seriously.... lol
  • Jacquie B.
    Excellent Post! I'm going to spread the word so you have more readers! Video Game Players unite!

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