Not the most religious name we've ever come across...

13 June 2012

Spotted on the high street of Kinghorn, Fife by avid Bitterwallet user 'The Internet'. Are you going to tell them or should we...?


Although, mind you, 'Kinghorn'... eh? EH???


  • Stan L.
    Giver to door number 2 please.
  • Dick
    There is also an episode of The Last of the Summer Wine called "Glory Hole".
  • Ian
    Nice! I drive past this every day. Always brings a smile to my face, although it leaves the wallet a bit light...
  • Wonkey H.
    There is also an episode of The Beachcombers called "The Glory Hole".
  • Dick
    There is also an episode of Girls Gone Wild called "The Glory Hole".
  • Pope I.
    Sorry; don't understand. What's funny here?

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