Not in the shops now: Fatsuit Barbie

She's let herself go a bit...


[Teenage Jesus]


  • joanne
    I love it when hot chicks get fat...
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Why are you obscuring her fanny (vagina) with that table?
  • big b.
    looks a bit like kerry katona
  • THE D.
    oh beast titty is a terrible thing and don't bum foxes without first muzzling the little fucker they nibble
  • Amanda H.
    No wonder Ken is gay.
  • -]
    Perfect for the us and uk markets
  • Tbone
    @ big bob - A bit like Kerry Katona? Its her goddamn doppelgänger!
  • Jim
    fat chicks are great, even better when they get out of breath doing their shoelaces up
  • SomeoneUdK
    i wish this was in stores!!!! my barbies are getting boring being skinny

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