Not Deathwatch: Argos closing stores, but bright digital future lies ahead

argos logo That iconic catalogue shop chain Argos is definitely not in trouble, oh no, no way, no how. The fact that they’re closing or relocating 75 stores in the next five years is no indication that things are getting tough in Argos Towers.

They say that it’s all part of their plans to become a ‘digitally-led’ retailer as opposed to a ‘catalogue-led’ one, with a larger range with universal appeal and a stronger online presence. Like a cuter version of Amazon, maybe.

Argos has 700 UK stores and has said that 10 of them will close this year, with no new openings. In the stores that remain, it’ll be upgrading its computer systems to "collect customer data on a large scale".

Catalogues will be phased out, replaced by computers and wi-fi will be available to allow customers to order from their smartphones. Perhaps we will see robots behind the counter, handing over our goods as well.

Finally, the Argos boss is called Terry Duddy, which we think is a great name.


  • offmypickle
    It's always tickled me that 'argos' is Greek for 'slow'.
  • will
    they already have the Amazon 'smile'....
  • Mad H.
    Known as "Fuddy" to his friends
  • Mad H.
    @offmypickle - 'argo' is Greek for slow; 'argos' means something closer to 'field' /pedantry
  • shiftynifty
    Shit shop...shit products...I mean sale price 19.99...but in small print previous price was 12.99
  • shiftynifty
    Terry Duddy...Known as Terry Fuckwit
  • colins m.
    fuck the scum
  • Sawyer
    I'm not surprised they're closing stores. In some they've dispensed with catalogues entirely in favour of those touchscreen things, which would be fine if they weren't slow and unresponsive. I used to be able to flick through a catalogue in a few minutes to check price/availability of items I wanted, but I don't have the patience to wait for those new devices. Technology is not always a good idea if it makes things more difficult.
  • Phil
    I've yet to buy an Argos product (exempting decent 'named' products) that actually did the job I bought them for i.e coffee table that lasted 6 months before falling apart, shower head rail that had screws so small they didn't engage with the supplied rawplugs etc. If they just supplied decent stuff rather than the sort of product I expect to find in a cheap market I expect we'd see them doing better.
  • Fred B.
    Argos are sooo annoying with their incomplete product descriptions, yo-yo pricing, promotional product availability, goods substitutions, shit courier service, instore ordering system can call out your number even though your order isn't ready. Store returns (SOGA) can be hit n miss. (they make up the rules as they go along) I hardly shop there now as they are a pain in the arse! Their reservation system creaks and cracks under the pressure when there is a good promotion on. The paper catalogues are handy to flick through to get an idea of what's new.
  • DaddytoLola
    "they already have the Amazon ’smile’…." Ironically, the Amazon "smile" is designed to show that they stock everything from A to Z, whereas Argos seem to be targetting a slightly smaller market by only targetting A to S. We'll have to look elsewhere for Washing Machines, Yoyos and Zumba equipment it seems
  • Gabriella C.
    I can't see Argos going. I personally prefer shops for electrical things. The extended warranty at Argos is very very good, I have managed to get my money back when goods have developed faults nearly 3 years in to warranty. They do have too many stores though and stores located in the wrong place. Argos will survive that I am sure of.

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